Aaron Gorin is an experienced real estate investment professional in Woodmere, New York.

Aaron Gorin is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cedar Grove Partners LLC

Aaron Gorin

Aaron Gorin is a real estate investment professional residing in Woodmere, New York. He founded Cedar Grove Partners LLC and currently acts as Chief investment Officer. Prior to founding Cedar Grove, Aaron worked as a management consultant, venture capitalist, and an equity analyst in healthcare. 

Cedar Grove Partners LLC

Cedar Grove Partners LLC, founded in 2015, is a value-adding real estate investment firm. It acquires, renovates, and enhances operations of B and C level multi-family assets. Cedar Grove Partners owns a diversified portfolio of assets throughout the Midwest and Southeast.


Aaron Gorin enjoys talking about what he’s learned about real estate during his time at Cedar Grove. Aaron likes to share his knowledge on the real estate investment industry, which he’s worked in for over 10 years. Topics of particular interest include affordable housing and risk management. 

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