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Aaron Gorin enjoys sharing where he’s been and what he’s learned throughout his career. With a background in finance, Aaron found the right career for him as founder and CIO of Cedar Grove Partners LLC. Cedar Grove Partners is a value-adding retail investment firm with a focus on multi-family properties. The company owns and operates a diverse portfolio of multi-family assets through the Southeast and Midwest.

Aaron enjoys sharing his knowledge on a variety of topics in real estate, specifically affordable housing and risk management in property operations.

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Cedar Grove Partners LLC | Crunchbase

Real Estate Investment Company

Cedar Grove Partners LLC - Medium

Cedar Grove Partners LLC, founded by Aaron Gorin in New York. Specializing in property, construction and asset management.

Cedar Grove Partners, LLC | Inspirery

Aaron Gorin was born and raised in New York and attended Cornell University for both Bachelors and Masters degrees, focusing on Economics and Health Economics. Following graduate school, he pursued several roles on Wall Street, starting in management consulting and venture capital and then working at major banks as an equity research analyst focusing on healthcare.

Cedar Grove Partners, LLC Explains How Tenants and Landlords Can Jointly Benefit from Affordable Housing | Prague Post

When landlords are creating housing units or deciding on what properties to purchase, they have to keep the nature of their offering in mind. For instance, if they would like to offer luxurious apartments, they are going to focus on very specific regions of their city.

Plummeting Supply of Affordable Housing Options

As the economy improves, many people tend to focus on things like the gross domestic product increase, the unemployment rate decrease, and other factors that provide a positive narrative. And although all of these outputs are extremely important for the nation's well-being, they are just the tip of the iceberg.

Aaron Gorin - Chief Investment Officer at Cedar Grove Partners, LLC

You'll make more money being a pessimist than being an optimist. Aaron Gorin is a lifelong New Yorker and grew up on Long Island in Suffolk County. He went to school in Stony Brook and went to college and graduate school in Upstate New York at Cornell University, where he studied Economics and Health Administration.

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